Tan Yourself Right With Melanotan

Tan Yourself Right With Melanotan

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Are you looking for a suntanning solution that addresses your skin directly? Sure, you can say that suntan oils, sunscreens and other kinds of lotions can help you get a great tan. However, how long do they last? And, do they have other health benefits? And can they avoid giving you what looks to be a fake tan?

Melanotan 2 just might be the suntanning solution you’re looking for.

Melanotan mechanics

The active ingredient in Melanotan 2 is melanotropin, a peptide analog of alpha-melanocyte, which is connected to how fast your body’s skin tone can darken. It does this by controlling the amount of melanin produced for cells, aside from how many skin cells are replaced at any given time.

The original Melanotan formulation targets melanocortin receptors, specifically. However, with Melanotan 2, the peptide’s molecular structure has been strengthened with a protective ring of amino acids, so that Melanotan 2 can be absorbed better by the body.


Unfortunately, this one part of using Melanotan 2 is unavoidable. The peptide has to be injected into your body. Thankfully, Melanotan 2 does not have that many side effects for first time users, and if you do the following, you can avoid some of the uneasiness and other side effects that come when you body has not gotten used to it yet.

Don’t go overboard with the first doses

You must be patient if you want to get the right tan. Start with smaller doses, probably around a fourth of a milligram, which you should take every night before you go to sleep. That way, you’ll be aware of any reactions when you wake up in the morning. Do note that only a few people have adverse effects while adapting to Melanotan 2.


Your standard dose should be around half a milligram to a full milligram. If you did experience some mild effects, then you should try it at half a milligram first.


This is a weekly shot after you’ve achieved the skin color you want, and it should be about a milligram a shot. You can even go less than that, if you feel that your body can maintain color even with only a half a milligram.


Do remember that Melanotan 2 isn’t a self-tanning solution. You must still do some sunbathing or UV light treatments, so you can activate the tanning mechanism of your body. Once the body reacts, Melanotan 2 can speed up the replacement of skin cells with darker-pigmented ones, making you have darker skin, faster.

Given that your skin is now reacting faster to sunlight, you should also be aware of what you wear, so you can tan your body as evenly as possible, so that you won’t have any problems when you start on your maintenance doses, once your optimal skin color is reached.

If you have darker skin, but just want to have an even darker skin tone, then you should wait for some more time, as the darker skin cells will need more time to be noticed in such a case.

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