Single Women All Over Scream! I Want A Boyfriend

Single Women All Over Scream! I Want A Boyfriend

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I Want A Boyfriend!

Are modern independent women living in a post-feminist world suppose to say that?

I really think that we should. Finding a boyfriend has gotten harder than I last remember. It seems that fewer men are willing to step up to the plate and those who try normally fall short.

  • It seems that all the good men have been taken but how could that be so?
  • I see plenty of men everywhere I go. How can all of these guys be off the market.
  • What is going on?
  • What does a girl have to do to retire herself from singledom?

Put Yourself On The Market

As women, we are taught that we should sit and look pretty and a man will approach us. This method works but it gives the men all the power. We have to take some of that power back or we will be screaming I want a boyfriend for years to come. I have figured that finding a boyfriend is similar to putting a house on the market. You have to let as many people know as possible that you are single and looking. You also have to make yourself available.

Make Yourself Available

Many women say that I want a boyfriend but they do very little to make themselves available today. I know many single women who never go out, they are never at events where you can find single men. Instead, they huddle up with their girlfriends for time with their ladies. You have to make time for the fellows to get a boyfriend.

Take up some new hobbies that men are likely to participate in. Simply creating a larger social network will make it easier to find a boyfriend. Cast a larger net and you will catch more fish.

Work On Your Self

As women, being the approached and the chosen has made us a bit lazy. Since we rarely have to woman up and approach men, we assume that all we need to do is wait and the right guy will come along. How well is that working for you ladies? I suggest that we completely work on ourselves why we are single.

This means working out, eating healthy, learning new skills, taking up new hobbies and maybe even taking a few classes. Basically, let’s build a better self, one that is worthy of the man of our dreams. Men seem to automatically know that they need to bring their “A” game to get a high quality woman but women rarely seem to get this concept.

As you can see, when you want a boyfriend, you have to be willing to do a little bit of work on yourself. You have to put yourself in a position to meet men and you have to make yourself available to be approached. Also working on self-improvement will help you attract men into your life. We have to create better women out of ourselves to find a mate.

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