Review: Secret Survey By Michael Fiore

Review: Secret Survey By Michael Fiore

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To start things off, I would like to make it clear that this review is a totally unbiased and truthful overview of a guide that tells you what makes some men unfaithful and dishonest in relationships. In this review, I will tell you the basic details that you should know about this product before you decide to purchase it.

This guide is an e-book that was written by Michael Fiore. He is a well-known relationship counselor who has made several appearances on talk shows and in many magazines over the years. According to him, even a so-called good guy is capable of becoming a liar and it is often for different reasons than what women usually suspect.

The reasons that a man decides to lie is often complex. Michael’s investigation of this subject culminated in a video that goes into great detail about why some men tell lies to their loved ones. The video also discusses infidelity, communication problems and offers insight into the most commonly asked questions that women have about men.

Michael claims that the most important part of establishing a great relationship is to understand how a man’s mind works.

What Does this E-book Have to Offer?

This e-book will provide you with answers to questions you have about the dishonesty of the men in your life, why they choose to be unfaithful and why communication is sometimes difficult. You will also find insight into questions about whether or not your partner loves you, finds you physically attractive or if he will stick around for the long haul.

The Secret Survey e-book provides you with numerous ways to find the solutions to the problems you may be having with the men in your life and it also explains why and how these solutions work from a psychological perspective.

This book is based on six methods. One of these methods is entitled: What He Did to Me Re-frame. This method tells you how to alter your perspective on your particular situation. Most of the responsibility of how a man treats you is on his shoulders, but you can exercise your right to choose how to look at the situation you’re in and choose how you will change or resolve it.

A very smart lady once told me that it is impossible for someone else to make you a victim if you refuse to give them permission. Michael Fiore uses the information in this guide to show you that the negative behavior that the man in your life chooses to display does not have to take away from your self-esteem and value as a person. With the use of examples taken from real situations, the guide shows you how to utilize the advice it provides step-by-step.

The Downsides to the Secret Survey Guide

Just like any relationship guide, there are going to be things that not everyone agrees with or finds useful. But, the large amount of useful information usually makes up for that. Here are some of the downsides I discovered in this particular guide.

Some of the methods that the author uses are unconventional and can be very surprising! These methods may be a lot for some people to handle and they may be confusing in the beginning.

Many women may not like the advice to accept responsibility for your partner’s dishonesty. This advice may seem wrong and unfair, but this method is intended to help you change your perspective on the situation so that you can ultimately empower yourself to change or improve your relationship.

The Good Things about the Secret Survey Guide

The author provides a lot of insight into the common questions that women have about their relationships. A lot of time is spent discussing why men are dishonest.

Real-life examples are used frequently in order to show you exactly how the methods can be used. Every chapter ends with a summary and a list of practice exercises for you to complete. The program can be used in many formats. You can choose to read the e-book, watch the videos or listen to the mp3s while you are on the go.

The Secret Survey was created with all women in mind. The information it contains can be used by women of all ages, in all locations and in all types of relationships. Any woman can benefit from this information if they wish to learn why men are dishonest and unfaithful.

My General Impression

I thought that the Secret Survey contained a lot of information and uses a lot of methods that were new to me. Not only will it explain why men lie in certain situations, but it tells you what men want you to know so that those types of situations can be avoided. The author has a lot of experience with helping people improve their relationships and I feel that this guide can help a lot of people.

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