The Most Common Types of Identification Cards

The Most Common Types of Identification Cards

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There are many different types of ID cards. These identification cards can be in the form of national identity and personal identification cards, employee ID badges, law enforcement badges, and school IDs. Read on to learn more about these common and very important cards and badges.

National Identity and Personal Identification Cards

There are a number of national identity and personal ID cards accepted as proof of identification. These ID cards include driving licenses and passports among several others. In many countries, a driver’s license can be used as means of proving the identity of a person. Passports are widely accepted by many countries as a form of proof of identification.

Employee ID Badges

As already implied by the term, employee ID cards are issued out to employees of a particular company. Businesses small and large all over the world use these identification cards and badges in order for them to safely, securely, and quickly recognize their workers. Employees wear their own identity card either by hanging it around their neck through a lanyard or attaching it to their clothing through a suspender clip or a badge reel. Many companies consider these cards as a compulsory identity document, since they increase workplace safety and security.

Employee ID badges that make use of the latest security features such as radio frequency technology (RFID) chips or magnetic stripes help ensure that an unauthorized person will not be able to gain access to certain restricted parts of the building. In addition, these types of security technology also make it hard for criminals to commit their unlawful acts. By integrating these advanced features to employee identification cards and badges, companies can increase their protection against identity theft.

Law Enforcement Badges

ID cards can also be in the form of law enforcement badges. There are some law enforcement authorities that often purchase their own printers to create these badges and cards, but these pieces of equipment can be quite expensive. Fortunately, there are now high quality identification card printers offering their services for an affordable price.

One very important thing to keep in mind is for you to make sure that the ID card printing service provider follows all stringent policies in the creation of these identification cards. Restrictions will apply to trademarked images, so if you plan to enlist the identification card printing services, the printer will verify if you have permission to pint certain logos.

School Identification Cards

School identification cards are also very common ID cards. These are used not only by students but by faculty members and other school staff members as well. Today, you will find card printers that can create school IDs that make use of the latest security features as well as access control capabilities. Security features such as the RFID chips and magnetic stripes help instill a safe and secure school environment. Access control capabilities, on the other hand, can make it more convenient for students to use their cards to access equipment in the school or for school staff members to gain entry to restricted portions of the institution.

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