Leading Relationship Expert Michael Fiore Bio

Leading Relationship Expert Michael Fiore Bio

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Michael Fiore possesses all the required skills, experience and expertise to guide former lovers renew their love and romance regardless of a bitter break up.

He discovered that text messaging can actually help revive his former years as a carefree bachelor. Ironically, it first started when he started using text messages as a touch base medium with the ladies he was dating.

It began quite innocently with a simple ‘stay in touch’ type of text message, quite like many of us may have done at one time or the other.

Michael soon began to notice the powers of text messaging and developed his own style to gain enormous curiosity and attention from his girlfriends. Mike’s friends who were married, often expressed their concerns over the dwindling romance in their marriage.

Mike then decided to divulge his text system to his friends. He simply wanted to help them and check if it works for others as well. He was pleasantly surprised when he heard from his friends that his system had worked wonders on their relationship!

Men whose wives hadn’t been in bed with them for months, were extremely attracted to them all over again! This is when Mike decided that this system must be shared with several others who could benefit from it. So, he introduced his first series “Text Your Wife Into Bed”.

Several observations later, he discovered that his program was being tested by women as well, who were looking at improving their relationships. Hence, he released another program “Text The Romance Back” that was especially designed for men and women both.

Most recently, Michael Fiore and Claire Casey have teamed up to develop a brand new relationship digital product called “Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever”.

This best selling relationship program has taken off like wildfire, and has become the choice of women all over the world.

With the well researched secrets which Claire provides, in conjunction with Michael’s incredible reputation as a top notch relationship expert, women can really get the insights which can place them in the driver’s seat.

This information is truly the nuts and bolts that women require if they have a desire to succeed in the dating game.

This program was life altering for many people, including Michael. He was invited to be a part of The Rachel Ray Show, top rated shows on CBS, Fox, NBC and more.

Michael’s system is being used by people of all ages, gender and countries across the globe. He has received rave reviews and witnessed endless incredible romantic stories.

Michael is presently staying in the state of Washington with his lovely girlfriend and precious dog. You can get a sense of his humorous, warm, sensitive and courteous persona by watching his videos or purchasing his highly acclaimed programs!

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